There are many causes for for foot pain given the abuse they receive, and most people don’t realize there are more bones in the foot than in the entire spine.

Do You Have First Step In The Morning Heel Pain?
If you answered, yes, to this question, you’ve likely got Plantar Fasciitis, an irritation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. Usually people complain of pain in the bottom of the heel upon first arising from bed. It may or may not get better as the day progresses.

The Plantar Fascia is the thick connective tissue that runs from the heel up to the big toe and acts as protection to the bottom of the foot. The injury actually causing the pain is generally a tear in the plantar fascia close to the heel. This usually causes a lump to form on the inside of the heel.

Plantar Fasciitis will respond positively to conservative Chiropractic Care and eliminate the side effects that can occur with injections of corticosteroids and anti inflammatory drugs. What is important though is that you seek immediate care when signs of Plantar Fasciitis appear.

After the initial injury, you must get ice on it. When you try to “walk it off”, you run the risk of aggravating the injury which will lead to more swelling and may make your foot so tender that you can’t even take steps at all for the next few days. Some Doctors will tape your foot for the few days too. You will need to rest your injured foot the first few days.

The cause of this is rooted in a muscle imbalance of the lower leg. Exercises will take this into account during your rehab phase and are designed to make recurrence of plantar fasciitis unlikely. It must be stressed though how important these rehabilitative exercises are to your complete recovery.