Rapid deceleration then acceleration causes the neck to violently go forward, then to reverse course traveling violently backward which strains and injures the neck not intended for such wide motion.

Whiplash Damage To The Occupants Can Be Worse Than The Damage To The Car

Whiplash is a deceleration – acceleration type injury caused when the body is suddenly thrown backward then forward such as when an occupied automobile is struck from behind or when the car is in a collision and suddenly stopped while in forward motion. The neck is thrown much beyond its normal limits and the weight of the head in motion can tear muscles, tendons, and ligaments which support the neck.

The neck portion of the spine, without its normal soft tissue support, is rendered unstable and the resulting symptoms can range from headaches to pain in the arms, shoulders and hands, to blurred vision and dizziness, to pain the lower back and legs. In order for the neck area to heal properly, the chiropractor must adjust the neck vertebrae back into place and continue those adjustments while the soft tissue heals and becomes strong enough to hold the neck in place properly again.

Whiplash treatment must begin immediately for the best results.
This reduces the inflammation, swelling, and the formation of scar tissue. If begun early, the prognosis for full recovery is bright and the patient will not be forced into the use of addictive pain medications.